I write, produce, and direct independent films, and short form documentaries.
Ask the Writer
A series of videos on how to work with a freelance writer.
The Story of Root Boy Slim
A trailer for an un-produced film on the incredible story of Root Boy Slim.
Urban Safari
Exploring some of the unseen history of Youngstown, Ohio with Councilman Mike Ray.
Smackdown for Charity
The story of the DC Lady Arm Wrestlers, women who create stage personnas and arm wrestle each other while raising money for charity. An official selection for the Bethesda Film Festival and the Howard County Film Festival.
Cornbread Bake-Off
A group of friends gathers in Washington DC to compete in an absurd and yet quite serious competition to win bronze medals made by well-known sculptor, Robert T. Cole.
Point of Entry
Is urban exploring a quirky hobby practiced by vandals and graffiti artists or is it a form of historic preservation? This film attempts to answer the many questions swirling around the mysterious world of urban exploring. Funding operations underway, co-production partners being sought.
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