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Carbon Fiber Cars, Waterfront Homes and the Freelance News

I kind of grew up in the car business. My father managed stores for Western Auto and Goodyear and one of my first jobs was putting studs into snow tires. Many a Saturday my brothers and I were rousted out of bed to go to the store and roll tires off a truck, across a parking lot and into a rack, organized by numbers and letters in combinations like G 78 14R. I've always liked cars and before the crash of 2008 I wrote columns for Auto Exec a magazine that's now out of business the Auto Body Line which is also now out of business. Flash forward to the present and my latest assingment from AutoDealer Magazine, published by the AIADA. In this story I write about carbon fiber, Shelby Cobras, BMW EVs, Local Motors and the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. Here's the piece.

I lived in Annapolis for about a year and a half. While I was there, I made a few friends, developed a few favorite haunts and cultivated a special fondness for the Maritime Republic of Eastport. So when an editor I used to work with at Chesapeke Home asked me if I would write for her new magazine called, Annapolis Home, I said, "but of course." Actually, I probably asked how many words and what the rate was first, but the point is I took the gig which is all about this piece of lovliness. Here's the piece.

A long time ago I was talking to a friend about a recently published article and he told me I should email copies out so people would know what I was up to. So I did. People liked it and over the years the mailer evolved from PDF’s tacked onto a bulk email, to links embedded in the News Blast, to a marketing flavored e-newsletter called Outlook by Design, to this. An owl with a French pen in his talons that I’m calling the “Freelance News.” If you're not on the subscription list but would like to be added, send me an email.

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