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My short documentary on the DC Lady Arm Wrestlers, “Smackdown for Charity,” was recently screened at Washington’s favorite art house, the E Street Cinema. The event was put together by my pal David Zaidain a multi-talented whirlwind who makes films, composes music, scores films, plans urban spaces for Amtrak sings and plays guitar for Devils Walks as Saints. Whoa. He’s also getting married next month! The other films included Diaries, a short horror film by Philadelphia filmmaker Frank Juchniewicz, David’s offerings included the premier of The Plumbers, a short form drama and two more shorts from David’s work in the 48 Hour Film Festival; The Brother (still my favorite), and The Canterbury Clan. We also viewed a promo for the Independent Grounds Coffee Shop.

The Big Gorilla is happy to announce that I will be attending the DC Author Festival with not one, but two recently published novels. We will be promoting and talking about Life and Death at the Dog Park by yours truly and also The Adventures of Sarkis and Hagop, by my buddy and fellow author John Vartoukian

The event is happening October 24-25 at the MLK library, which by the way was designed by Mies van der Rohe, located at 9th and G Street in the District. Come on by and buy some books for the fall reading season!

Besides me, look who else is going to be there!

Adams Morgan Writers Group * Anna El-Eini * Annabel Hertz * Carolyn Morrow Long * Cassia Martins * Chris Moore * Christopher Datta * Dinahsta Thomas

Elsie Hillman-Gordon * Emily Cammille * Francies Stephenson

Gerald Anderson & Susan Orlins * Ingeborg Hydle * Ingrid Anders * J. Shawn Durham * James Tanner * Jane J. Stein * Jeff Boss * Jeffery King * Joshunda Sanders * Judy Bachrach * Kesia Alexandra Ryan-Webster * L.J. Samuel Lamont Carey * Malcolm Bailey * Martin Ganzglass * Maurice W. Dorsey * Nancy James Ph.D. * Nova Mitchell * Otis Randolph * Paris Singer * Patricia Jacobs * Rasheem Rooke * Reach Inc. * Rhoda Trooboff * Ron Capps * Scott Abrahams * Stephanie Steinberg * Susan Crites Price * Tom Doyle * Tom Noll * Valerie Joyner *

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